viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016

Iranian chess player ranks 2nd in FIDE Women’s Grand Prix

On Wednesday, 25-year-old Chinese grandmaster Ju Wenjun landed in the first position of the chart with 2,558 points at the end of the event in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.
Iran’s 18-year-old international master and female grandmaster ended her campaign with 2,403 points and finished in second place.
Khadem al-Sharieh was followed by Chinese, Russian and Georgian contenders Zhao Xue, Pogonina Natalija and Dzagnidze Nana, who occupied the third to fifth spots respectively.
“The chess tournament in Teheran offered me the opportunity to deliver a better performance.  I believe that my result at the end of the event signified Iran’s competence and potential in chess, helped me build up my self-confidence and draw plans for greater achievements in the future,” Khadem al-Sharieh said.
The FIDE Women’s Grand Prix began in Tehran, Iran, on February 10, and finished on February 24, 2016.
The tournament attracted dozens of female grandmasters and international masters from different countries of the world, including Bulgaria, China, Georgia, India, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

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